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Our production takes place in Italy. The production processes respect the disciplinary of organic certification to which we have chosen to adhere from the beginning.

We are committed to being a sustainable and transparent company, and we put ethics first.

The consent of our customers from the beginning is a source of pride for us and the certainty of having started our journey in the right direction.

AIAB Organic Certification

We have chosen from the beginning a certification of reliability and quality of our products. This guarantees that all Rasayana cosmetics are natural, formulated with organic ingredients, skin compatible and free of substances not allowed by the AIAB regulations.


Our label èVegan (=it’s Vegan) is a self-certification that guarantees precise ethical and environmental characteristics. Each Rasayana cosmetic is suitable for vegans, both in the formula and in the packaging. No ingredients of animal origin are contained in Rasayana products.

Nickel tested

Rasayana cosmetics are all Nickel tested. The result of the tests (= less than 1 part per million) is a guarantee of safety and usability even for people allergic to Nickel.

Made in Italy

All Rasayana products are Made in Italy. We believe that Made in Italy is synonymous with quality in the world and that it is an added value for our cosmetics. We are pleased to continue to collaborate with Italian companies for the development of synergies and to continue an increase in collective well-being.