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Rasayana Ayurvedic Waters

for the thirst of skin and hair

Rasayana Ayurvedic Waters

for the thirst of skin and hair

What are Rasayana ProAge Ayurvedic Waters?

Rasayana Biocosmesi ProAge Ayurvedic Waters are moisturizing and toning waters, with a proage effect, created to hydrate skin and hair.

In addition, they perform a soothing, purifying or exfoliating action, depending on the Ayurvedic Water chosen.

They are not simple tonics. They are in effect mists, cosmetics of the Korean routine rich in active ingredients. The mists can be sprayed on the face after cleansing, with the aim of maintaining hydration and providing active ingredients that prepare the skin for the next steps in facial care. Or they can be sprayed on the face throughout the day with a refreshing and invigorating effect.

Why this name?

We called them “Ayurvedic Waters” because water is associated with the concept of hydration.

But in reality these products do not contain added water (it’s present only the water naturally contained in plant extracts).

Instead, they contain Aloe Vera and Hydrolates with specific action depending on the Water.

ProAge Ayurvedic Waters hydrate thanks to the presence of double molecular weight hyaluronic acid (low and medium), betaine and saccharide isomerate, active ingredients known to maintain hydration without weighing down the skin.

Each ProAge Ayurvedic Water contains Ayurvedic plant extracts rich in antioxidants.

ProAge Soothing Ayurvedic Water contains Lavender and Chamomile hydrolates, with a calming and soothing action. Moreover it’s enriched with a plant complex, with a soothing and antioxidant action, consisting of 7 plants including Licorice and Centella asiatica, plants of the Ayurvedic tradition.

ProAge Purifying Ayurvedic Water contains hydrolates of Sage and Rosemary, purifying and rich in antioxidants, and is enriched with a plant complex with a purifying action with two types of Lotus, one of which is from the Ayurvedic tradition.

In the ProAge Exfoliating Ayurvedic Water there are Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) Tartaric Acid, Lactic Acid and Citric Acid. The balanced formula with soothing active ingredients makes the exfoliation particularly gentle and respectful of the skin, even in daily use.

Face hydration

How to use the Waters?

ProAge Soothing and Purifying Ayurvedic Waters can be used instead of tonic, after daily cleansing, to provide hydration, or after shampooing for a specific action on the scalp, depending on the water used. If sprayed on the lengths of the hair before drying, they keep the hair soft and silky.

The ProAge Ayurvedic Waters are Mists, so they can be sprayed on the face and hair at any time of the day it is necessary to hydrate, tone the skin and give it relief, for example in case of itching, seborrhea or sensitive skin.

The Ayurvedic Exfoliating Water, on the other hand, should be used once a day, preferably in the evening, and without exposing yourself to the sun after use as it contains alpha hydroxy acids.

Are they certified?

Like all our products, they are AIAB certified. They are also Nickel Tested, with a Vegan formula and of course Made in Italy.

ProAge Ayurvedic Waters are all dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.


The packaging of ProAge Ayurvedic Waters is made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable glass.

For packaging disposal, refer to the diagram on the product label.


The name of the ProAge Ayurvedic Waters (Dhatri, Tulasi and Jati) are inspired by an Indian myth linked to the Amla, Tulsi and Jasmine plants, whose antioxidant-rich extracts are present in the formulas of the three Waters.

To learn more about the myth, read the article on our blog.

To discover the properties of plants, read the dedicated section in our Glossary.

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