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Who we are

“Āyurveda amṛtānām”, Āyurveda is for longevity.

– Caraka Saṃhitā, Sūtrasthāna, 25.40

Who we are?

We are an Italian company that has chosen to combine the wisdom of Āyurveda with that of the Italian herbal tradition and modern cosmetics. We create organic cosmetics rich in pro-age active ingredients and antioxidants, which help extend the life of skin and hair, to achieve a general well-being.

Where does the name Rasayana come from?

Rasāyana is the branch of Āyurveda dedicated to long life. Some Ayurvedic herbs are recognized as carriers of beneficial effects for the longevity and health of skin and hair and for this reason they are called rasāyana. Rasāyana is the union of the Sanskrit terms rasa (essence) and ayana (path), so rasāyana means “the path to essence”. This is why we have chosen this name.

On this page we have explained the rasāyana philosophy that inspired us the name Rasayana Biocosmesi.

What is the inspiration of our brand?

To create our brand Rasayana Biocosmesi®, we have been inspired by the beauty and diversity of the Indian subcontinent, home of Ayurveda, by the colors of the traditional Holī festival, by the graphics of batik canvases, by the textures of henna tattoos, by rituality of traditional ceremonies.

Our claim is “long life to skin and hair”, with a clear reference to our name, because the formulas of our organic cosmetics, rich in Ayurvedic herbs, are designed to prolong the health of the skin and hair.

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